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Monthly Clinic Update – December 2013   - Busselton Vet Hospital


Welcome to the December edition of practice update.


Clinic News – We have been pretty busy this past month with grass seed, ear infection and snake bite season upon us. Richard has also had some big orthopaedic surgeries to do which have all gone well, he has expanded his skills and is now getting CT scans done locally which gives him a lot more information before proceeding with his surgeries. Richard is like a kid in a candy store with his new CT scans and insists on showing all of us each scan.


I am slowing getting our website updated with some of the services we offer and I am pretty sure the ladies in reception are sick of me running out each day going “check this out”, they nod, smile and say that’s great ……


We are also now grooming an extra day of the week as we are booked up a fair way in advance. Davina is now offering her grooming services on Friday as well, so if you have a pet in need of some pampering let us know.




Feature Article – Pet Dental Health


Ever wondered if you can get your dog or cats teeth cleaned? 


Or perhaps you don’t know if your pet has dental disease?

Maybe you’re not sure what you can do to prevent problems with their teeth at home?

If that is the case don't be alarmed there is lot's we can do to help you at Busselton Vet.

We love looking after your pets teeth and want to see your pet have a healthy mouth for their entire life.

Most pet owners don't realise that their pet has some form of dental disease. It's ok most animals do. This can vary from a little bit of plaque or tartar to broken teeth or teeth that are completely rotten. You may have noticed that your pet has bad breath or is having trouble eating their food. We can help with these problems. Your pet needs

these things taken care of before they start to cause other problems with their health.

We can do all sorts of things for your pet, we start with a FREE NURSE DENTAL CHECK and take it from there, whether advising you on home care or recommending a dental procedure if necessary or even taking some x-rays with our new dental x-ray to uncover hidden problems before they get worse.




Interesting Case of the Month – Sirius the Snake Charmer – by Dr Richard



Sirius is a lovely big dog who has a penchant for keeping snakes away from her humans' house. She usually does this very well and earlier this spring seemed to show her proficiency again by despatching a Tiger Snake from near the house.

What a good dog!


Why oh why did she start looking quiet, not being playful and looking weak 4 days later?


Sirius came in because she was getting weaker. We took one look at her and were concerned enough to admit her to hospital to run some blood tests. Within 1 hour of being here she could no longer walk! What was going on? We questioned her human’s carefully about access to snakes and poisons and no she hadn't been near a snake for 4 days and there were no other poisons down. To read what happened to Sirius follow this link to the full story on our website.




Staff Update


We have had a few team members making the most of the nice weather by taking some holidays to refresh themselves for the long hot summer. Both Casey and Chelsea are away for a few weeks this month and Agnes is off at the end of the month, so if you need them to do a quick nail clip or a bath for your pet get in quick before they go.

Most importantly we have locked in a date and time for the staff Christmas do next month. Hopefully I will have some happy snaps for the next newsletter for you.


Clinic Promotions


ADVANCE FOOD - COMPLIMENTRY KONG - for the month of November we were giving away a Kong with every purchase of Advance Dog Food. We still have some left so make sure you pick one up next when in buying some food



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