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Thank you for checking out some of our interesting cases. These have all been
submitted by different members of staff and I am sure there is something here 
for everyone. Thank you to our team for taking the time to write up these cases for us. 

They are all accessible by the links below or on the side menu bar. Enjoy the read!!


"Tessa" and the Slow Speed Accident - the story of a lucky not to be squashed dog - February 2014


Barney and The Bottletop - the story of a epileptic beagle with an adventurous appetite - January 2014


Sirius the Snake Charmer -  a big beautiful dog that presented with a not so routine snake bite - December 2013


Wrangled by Worms - a cat that was presented to us with a belly full of worms - November 2013

Nightmares Story - a stray cat that was brought in by a staff member and successfully rehomed - October 2013