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Monthly Clinic Update - January 2014  - Busselton Vet Hospital

Welcome to the January edition of practice update.

Clinic News - Wowza!!!!! Where did 2013 go? We cannot believe we have rolled on through another Christmas and New Year. 2013 saw us lose a few familiar faces and gain a few fresh faces (both staff and our beloved family of pets). As the seasons change so does our family here at Busselton Vet, we are going through a continual process of change and improvement (both medically and as a team) and we are very lucky to have an amazing group of staff and clients to travel with.

 2014 promises great things. We have signed up to co-host the RSPCA Million Paws Walk again this year and we are still achieving great things working closely with SAFE Busselton to sterilise, vaccinate and re home unwanted dogs and cats. We really enjoy working with these community groups that are assisting to deal with the problem of people not being responsible with pet ownership.

Feature Article - Microchipping $35 for January only   

We have had a lot of enquiries lately at our Vet Hospital in Busselton regarding micro chipping for dogs & cats. This has been brought on by the implementation of the government's amendments to both the Dog Act and the Cat Act in the past 12 months. It is now law that all dogs and cats in Busselton need to have a microchip implanted. There are some guidelines regarding this but every dog & cat will now need to be chipped before they are registered or their registration is renewed at the City of Busselton.

To assist you to get on board with the latest changes Richard has given me the green light to offer 1/2 price microchips for the month of January. For $35 your dog or cat will have the chip implanted and will be registered on the Australia wide database to aid with recovery should they ever be lost. If you would like more information about micro chipping please follow the link to our website.


Staff Update

HOLIDAYS - Christmas and the New Year are always a busy time for us. Luckily Chelsea and Casey have come back from some time off however only just in time for Agnes to head off home to Seychelles for a month to see her family. Travel safe Agnes and have a fantastic time 

ENGAGEMENT - Casey has come back with a bit of excess baggage due to the lovely ring weighing down her finger after her other half Nathan proposed while they were holidaying in New Zealand visiting Casey's family.


Interesting Case of the Month - Barney and The Bottletop  

Barney is a middle aged Beagle who has been visiting us for seizures and was doing quite well until his owners decided to spoil themselves and take a holiday.


Barney was looking after his Grandparents and started to have cluster seizures (small and frequent groups), typically as always with pets, it was just before the weekend.


We were able to stabilise Barney through the weekend and whilst monitoring his blood work noted some abnormalities in his liver tests and a rather large abdomen, these were to be discussed more when Barneys owners returned from holiday.


Once back at home, Barney's parents visited the clinic to discuss Barney's situation and follow up on his liver changes. At that time the vet and his owners decided to alter Barney's seizure medications, as some medications can be implicated in liver disease. It was during this early change over that Barney seemed to take a turn for the worst and came in feeling weak and quite hot with abnormal breathing.


Read the rest of Barney's story or get a bit more about seizures on our website, please follow this link



Clinic Promotions - Postman Paws

We have this fantastic new service provided by Zoetis (the company that make Revolution) where you can get your monthly doses of Revolution and worming prevention posted out to you each month. This works out a bit more cost effective for you and is certainly easier than coming into the vet clinic to collect it. Next time you are in the clinic pick up the Postman Paws card from our reception team, sign up and you will get a nice little saving on your first dose.


We have been putting this practice update out for a few months now and I am keen to receive some feedback from our subscribers as to what you like or don't like seeing in the update. The material is aimed to be things that you are interested in so please let me know what you think. Cheers Kylie bsnvet@bsnvet.net.au