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   Monthly Clinic Update – October 2013   - Busselton Vet Hospital

Welcome to our new personal practice update. I will be putting this together once a month just to keep everyone in the loop on what is happening in the practice. We already have a quarterly newsletter but a lot changes in our practice in 3 months so this will be a little 5 minute catch up brief for you. I hope you enjoy it. If you would like it emailed to you directly each month please send me an email at bsnvet@bsnvet.net.au . Thanks for reading. Cheers Kylie   


                    Waiting for surgery                                   During surgery                                          After surgery

Pet of the month -Nightmare                                   


I have had this young fella hanging around my house the last few months. He has caused great unrest with my two cats as he was a stray entire male. I brought him to work so I can turn his life of crime around and find him a home. He is VERY friendly and SUPER handsome. We have examined, sterilised, microchipped, de flead, wormed and tested him for Cat Aids and Leukaemia. Nightmare has been here for a week (ranger hold /prison sentence) and appears in good health plus has a great personality. All he needs now is someone to love him despite his past and his criminal record and his new tattoo.  

It’s very unfortunate that cats are abandoned or stray from home. Stray cats have a huge impact on the neighbourhoods they wander in, upsetting not only the humans but the cats too. Nightmare has caused my cats to wake me up at all hours of the night and caused my male cat Vegemite to spray in my house. WE CANNOT STRESS THE IMPORTANCE OF RESPONSIBLE CAT OWNERSHIP!   To read all about Nightmares Prison Story please follow the link to our website

I’m sure you will have all heard by now about the new cat laws regarding being responsible and are all on board with it, please do the right thing and if you need more information please contact us.  Thanks Kylie

Staff Update

Not too much happening on the staff front this month, I think Jan is still waiting for the baby, although by the time this goes to air she may have popped out a baby. Our two new reception ladies (Cathie and Kim) are settling in well, some of you may be getting a bit confused as we have two Kim’s here now so maybe ask which is which when you ring. Richard has plastered the reception area with purple in preparation of the Dockers Grand Final this weekend – I am now avoiding the reception area being a West Coast supporter and all.

Clinic Promotions

Promos – Panoramis - For those of you using the new Elanco all in one flea/wormer/heartworm product “Panoramis”, they are currently running a promotion where you can claim a $10 eftpos card online with any purchase from out clinic. I have included a link to their website for those that are interested. Panoramis Promo Website  For those who need more information please give us buzz

New Product

Healthy Mouth -   Healthy Mouth is a new aid in dental care for our patients. We use it by putting it into our pet’s drinking water, so is MUCH easier than trying to brush their teeth!

It works by reducing the plaque levels in the mouth. It cleans teeth and gums, reduces germs and bacteria that if left untreated, can enter the bloodstream causing damage to vital organs and even pre-mature death.

It does this by a unique combination of natural ingredients, including organic clove extract, chlorophyll, organic pomegranate, organic blueberry etc. There are NO artificial sweeteners or alcohol in it. This product has been scientifically tested and proven to reduce plaque. Not only scientifically proven, dog approved as well, don't just take my word for it, just ask Frankie - he loves it!

Follow the link to the company’s website for more scientific information Healthy Mouth Information

Clinic News - Grooming

Hi there. I’m Davina, and I have been a nurse here since January 2010. I moved here from Perth, where I had been Hairdressing for over 10 years. Now I have had the privilege of the wonderful Racheal, from First Class Dog Grooming, training me up to be the resident groomer here at Busselton Vets.

I have groomed a range of dogs from Standard Poodles, Miniature poodles, Maltese X, Golden retrievers, Border collies and Terriers. I’m thoroughly enjoying styling hair again, although dogs are quite the challenge compared to humans! Every dog I groom has different needs, and I’m loving being able to get creative.

It is also important for the dogs to have a good groom in summer to prevent grass seeds getting stuck between their toes and in their coats, to help their coats from matting and to keep them cool in the warmer weather.

Check out some of my before and after photos below and you’ll see the difference a good haircut makes.


               Jazz Before                                                            Jazz After

AUTOMATED TEXT MESSAGES - Some of you will have already noticed that we are now sending an automated text to remind you of appointments and vaccinations. Please let me know what you think, so far the feedback has been very positive. If you don’t wish to receive the text messages please let us know and we can stop them for you. Damn technology is taking over the world!!


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