Busselton Veterinary Hospital

60 Bussell Hwy
Busselton, WA 6280

(08) 97521433


We love to hear from our satisified clients. 

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We love to hear from our satisfied clients. Just fill out the form below...

Posted By :    Erin
Posted :    9/17/2013
Comments :    These guys are great. I have taken my animals to them a few times and have been very impressed with their service. They make going to the vets easy
Posted By :    liz drummond
Posted :    8/3/2013
Comments :    my miniature snauzcher Gus is a Healthy Pets member,recently during a regular check Richard discovered Gus had a problem with his teeth ............I am very grateful for the expertise of the team as Gus had the tooth removed immediately and further complications were avoided....Evidence shown on the x-ray showed without a doubt what had happened.....we had noticed months earlier Gus had bad breath, we have learnt by this experience to take Gus's health more seriously. A big thankyou to everyone at Busselton Vet Hospital......
Posted By :    Tyra
Posted :    9/17/2012
Comments :    A great big thanks to all the staff and especially Dr Sharyn Crabb for looking after my special little girl, Tully. Your affection and love towards Tully have be noticed and I couldn't have asked for better care anywhere. Her quality of life has been greatly improved since moving to your clinic. All your staff are amazing and I want to express my gratitude to you all. Thanks again Tyra


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