GROWING UP – We have seen Coco a few times over this last few months as he is part of our Healthy Pets 4 Life Puppy Program. He is getting so big now and is a real sweetie

EXPLORING THE SNIFFING GARDEN – Sparkles was in this month because she was having some egg producing problems. After laying an egg without a shell in her cage she was feeling much better. She snuck in a quick scratch and explore in the garden before heading home to the farm and her sisters.

Welcome to this months practice update. It has been a very interesting month and there has been a fair bit going on.

Both Dr Aimee and Dr Ally went to the WSAVA conference in Singapore late last month, our new online booking platform has taken off and we were all very sad to have to say goodbye to our lovely receptionist Denise.

Denise has been a valued member of our reception team for many years and has moved on to a job which can be a bit more flexible with her hours and doesn’t require such long days. You will now see Deanne more in reception as she has moved out of a split role of nursing/reception into solely being a receptionist.

I also need to let you all know that Dr Nigel will be out of action for about 4 weeks after an argument with his mountain bike (which he lost), he will still be around the clinic studying but won’t be able to see clients for a while.



Home Visits

A few months ago we launched our home visit service. This has been really well received by our clients and our team has really enjoyed getting out and about to visit our patients. The service is available for all of our clients for routine, non-urgent appointments.

Some of the reasons you may like a home visit could be

Dr Nigel and nurse Caz heading out to visit Ned at his home because he finds it a little stressful coming to the clinic

* Do you or your pet find it stressful to come and visit us?

* Is it hard with your family life and kids to get in with your pets to see us?

* Do you have multiple pets and find it hard to get everyone in the car at once?

* Are you without transport and have to organise a lift in?

* Do you work from home and would you find it easy for us to just pop in?

Ned was much happier seeing the vet at home, he even grabbed his toy and wanted a play before we left.


There is more information about what sort of appointments we can do on our new website. Just follow the link below.



Home Visit Services


Interesting Case – Lewie and his wonky knee cap

A few months ago Dr Richard went to San Diego to learn how to straighten wonky legs. Little Lewie came in a last month with a patella (aka knee cap) that kept popping out. Richard was able to use his new skills to adjust the angle of Lewies femur so that his patella would track correctly. He explains the process in the video below

Dr Richard talks about an orthopaedic case from this month


Question of the month

This month’s question was posted on our Facebook Page  by Kylie Thompson and will be answered by Dr Ally

Can dogs get Dementia? I work in aged care and I have also noticed that our old girl is becoming forgetful. For example greeting the kids 2 or 3 times after school, wanting to go outside and forgetting what for, also wandering off when walking around outside! (which has never happened before) – Does a dog’s brain age similar to that of a human?



Submit your question by emailing [email protected]


Just a reminder to keep an eye out for snakes as it is the season. You can revisit Dr Aimee’s video from last month regarding snake bites on our website at BVH TV

That’s it for another month, if you have any questions about anything in the newsletter please give us a call or pop in for a chat. Next month I am super excited to be explaining the features of our new website (which you can explore while you are here) and  I will also begin to share with you our new staff profiles and some news of some courses that our vets have been on. Have a great month and I hope you and your pets stay safe and well. Cheers Kylie