BORED BY THE PAPARAZZI Sherry deserves a shout out (or a treat) for being so patient while I took about 20 photos of her. She is a beautiful chocolate labrador who is very much loved by her family

MAKING FRIENDS Charlee (the cavalier) was a bit worried about visiting us until this little french bulldog came out from the consult room. Then she perked right up and enjoyed greeting Lola who just wanted to play with her.

Welcome to this months practice update. There has been so much happening in the clinic that I don’t know what to talk about first. Last month I introduced you to our new qualified veterinary nurse Deidre, she has just completed her first three months here and now that she has mastered our surgical procedures she is just starting to do some consulting. I am sure you will meet her soon if you haven’t already. She is settling in really well and we are loving having her in the family.

I also let you know about our updated Healthy Pets 4 Life Care Plans which have proved to be very popular with all those benefits packed in to them. There is now 3 levels available Essential, Complete and Ultimate and they are available as a monthly subscription, (if you prefer to spread your vet care cost over the year). Hopefully next month the brochures will be up on our new website and I will be able to share them with you. We also have the cat plans up and running now as well so if you need information about a plan for your cat please get in touch. I hope you enjoy the information below. Oops, I almost forgot to explain the pet stars at the side of the page, for those of you following our Facebook page you will know we have ventured into Instagram land so I have been busy happy snapping in the reception area, these are a couple of my better shots from the month.

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Online Bookings

* Does your cat hear you on the phone to the vet and go into hiding?
* Wouldn’t it be cool if you could make appointments online for your pets even when we are closed??
* Have you ever gotten your vaccination reminder on the weekend and thought, i’ll just book in for that next week but then forgot to call us?
* Has your dog pulled up sore after a big family outing to the beach on Sunday and you’ve wanted to get them in first thing Monday but you had to wait until 8am when we open to book in?
* Do you not like talking to people on the phone?
* Would you like the convenience of seeing all the appointments that are available and choosing your preferred vet when you book?

** In continuing to strive to provide the best service for our clients, we are launching our online booking platform. It is available to book consultations including vaccinations, check ups, Healthy Pets 4 Life visits and nurse appointment for Complimentary Dental Checks & nail trims. It is REALLY EASY to use and works on your computer or phone.

**You can access it from the “Book Now” button on our Facebook page, it is available here on the website and is also included on our emailed reminders. I’m excited to share this with you. It is so easy and many of our clients have already made bookings with it, even if you are a new client to our practice you can still book online. Go on have a go at it.


Dog Behaviours

We recently hosted a behaviour seminar at our hospital for all of the surrounding veterinary practices. It was really well attended and received by our neighbouring practices. It was a good chance to catch up with colleagues and discuss what has been happening in our local area.

Not long after that there was another incident involving a dog and a child in a domestic situation. Dr Aimee recently did a great video in the wake of this incident where she details some of the things you can look out for to tell if your dog is uncomfortable in it’s surroundings. You can also check out our other videos at our BVH TV page



Question of the month

This months question was posted on our Facebook Page by Cheryl Mazure and will be answered by Dr Aimee

“Seeing we are about to go into snake season can you please explain initial first aid for a snake bite on a cat or dog and then what treatment is given by the vet?”





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It’s never been so easy to stay on top of fleas

Spring is the fleas festive season

Do you often forget to give the monthly flea prevention to your dog? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just qive it quarterly with the worm tablet? Now it is even easier to keep on top of your preventative treatments for your dog by giving a Bravecto Chew every 3mths with a Milbemax tablet and covering Heartworm with our yearly injection Proheart SR 12. You can even get reminders every 3 months. Why make things any harder than they need to be. If you would like more information about Bravecto follow the link below to their website.

More information on Bravecto



Well that’s it for another month, if you have any questions about anything in the newsletter please give us a call or pop in for a chat. Next month we will hopefully have the new website up and have a heap of new content on there for you. I will also begin to share with you our new staff profiles and some news of some courses that our vets have been on. Have a great month and I hope you and your pets stay safe and well. Cheers Kylie