So you’ve just brought your new puppy home for the first time or it’s been a few months since you took him/her for their puppy vaccinations.

Are you confused about what parasite control to use?
Whether or not you should desex your puppy?
What diet to feed and how much?

We understand their is SOOO much to take in at once and even though you may have already had a vet visit to discuss things there is a lot to remember.

This is why we have developed our unique nurse adolescent checks to discuss all these things with you and many more such as:

  •  Pet Insurance options
  • Advice for behavioural issues
  • Vaccination information
  • Microchipping and how it all works
  • Dental health, how to maintain those pearly whites.
  • Routine flea and worm schedules and how to keep up with it all.

Our lovely nurses will offer you a puppy/kitten pack full of all the information you’ve discussed if you haven’t already received one and of course we can’t forget our furry friends we also have a goody bag for them to take home. The appointment takes about 30 minutes and is usually done when your pet is around 5 months of age.

Call us to book your appointment today 97521433 and best of all its FREE!!!