Dental Check

Did you know 4 out of 5 pets have dental disease by the age of 2?
To do this we are offering free dental checks with one of our lovely nurses and little doggie bags (pardon the pun!) with samples of treats and yummy food.

For most of us, looking after our teeth and gums is an automatic daily routine, however, for our pets it’s a little different. They can’t look after their own teeth like we can so it is up to us to maintain good dental hygiene for them. This means daily brushing, regular professional care and feeding special foods targeted at dental maintenance.

In some cases your best friend may already be showing signs of dental disease. These include:
– bad breath,
– yellow-brown crust on teeth,
– bleeding gums,
– change in chewing or eating habits,
– tooth loss and abnormal drooling.

In other cases they may not show any signs of dental disease, even though they may be in severe pain. This is why it’s important to have regular check-ups at your local Veterinary Practice.

So bring your best mate in for a pearly white (hopefully!) check up… We look forward to seeing you soon.