At Busselton Vet Hospital we offer you a free appointment with one of our trained nurses to discuss your ageing pet. Anyone with a dog or a cat over the age of 8 years can book in for one of these conversations.

Our nurses will discuss and give you information on issues relevent to an ageing pet, this will include

– Vaccinations
– Parasite Control
– Dental Health
– Nutrition
– Blood and Urine Testing
– Arthritis
– Other old dog problems
– Dementia
– Deafness
– Blindness
– Heart Disease
– other suggestion

We will also give you a goodie bag with an information pack, a sample of Advance Mature dog biscuits and a treat.

These appointments aren’t designed to sell you things they are simply aimed at arming you with the information you may need to help your pet transition into their senior years. If you would like to come in and see one of our nurses please call 97521433 for an appointment, alternatively, you can book an appointment online here.

If you would like to read more information about Senior Pet Health please follow this link to our seniors page on our website.