Nurse Weight Check Consultations

Here at Busselton Vet Hospital we also offer Nurse Weight Clinics.

Obesity in Animals is on the increase, and can have major effects on your pets health and happiness, as well as your wallet!

Examples of obesity related diseases in dogs and cats include Joint Disease, Diabetes, Heart and Breathing complications among many others.

A few signs of your pet being overweight

  1. The need to loosen your pets collar.
  2. Their ribs aren’t easily felt.
  3. Loss of an obvious ‘waist’.

It’s hard to shift the weight once it’s on, and we understand that. We’re not here to make you feel bad, but we are here to help and guide you through, and make it a fun, hassle free journey for your family and your furry friend.

And the best things about our Nurse weight clinics…are that they are FREE and there is no prodding or poking, so they can get a completely enjoyable experience at the vets, which we all know doesn’t happen too often 🙂

At Busselton Vet we know how hard it is too say NO to those big brown eyes, we have Frankie staring us down for food every lunch break. We also know how easy it is to say “I’ll walk the dog tomorrow” or “I’ll play with the cat on the weekend”, life is so busy now.

If you think that maybe your dog or cat may benefit from a free nurse check to assess their body condition or you can use some inspiration and ideas to keep your pet active please let us know on 97 521433 and we will book you some time. Our trained nurse will make a plan for you and your pet and help you through the process to getting back to their ideal weight which will go along way to ensure your pet is healthy for longer.