Congratulations on your New Puppy!! 

It’s an exciting time for you and your family when you welcome a new puppy into your home. Our team at Busselton Vet would love to share the journey with you, right from puppy hood through to the senior years with your new family member.

The primary goal for our Busselton Vet family is to ensure that your new friend is as happy and healthy as they can be and that they stay that way into their senior years. We understand the benefits of having a healthy fur friend in your life and are glad you are sharing your experience with us.

We have collated some information for you which will hopefully help you over the next 12 months while your puppy grows into adulthood. Of course if you have any queries only the way we are only a phone call away.

We look forward to meeting your beautiful new pup if we haven’t already and just to warn you, don’t be alarmed if the nurse runs off with your puppy, she will bring him/her back eventually, after we have all had some puppy love…… 🙂

Things you need to know about – ( we are still working on the content so if you need information and it’s not on here please call us)

Medical Needs

Puppy Vaccinations

Parasite Control

16 Week Joint Exam – puppy’s do a lot of growing in the 12 months to adulthood. It is very important that we examine your puppy’s joints as they are growing to make sure everything is going to plan, we do this visit at 16 weeks so we are in the window to fix any problems before they finish growing. Hopefully, your puppy will be developing well but if not there are preventative measure we can do early on to assist your dog to have a better long term outcome for their joint problems

20 Week Dental Exam


Healthy Pets 4 Life – Puppy Package – if you are looking for something that simplifies your puppy’s needs for the first 12 months that you have them then please look into our Puppy Packages. These affordable packages offer you great discounts and make it super easy to keep up with everything.  We prebook your appointments and all the routine care is covered read more….

Other items to do

Registering with the Shire

Pet Insurance

Toilet Training

Puppy Preschool