Have a new puppy? Having troubles with them nipping at the kids, running away from you and not listening to your commands? Well at Busselton Vets we have the pleasure of having the talented Lesley Bremner to run our Puppy Pre-school classes.

The first months of a puppys life require a lot of patience and understanding. Puppy school can make the difference as to whether your new pet grows into a wonderful companion who is at ease with humans and other dogs, or ending up a troublesome pest who is disliked and can become unwanted.

Lesley goes over all basic obedience training for puppies aging from 10-16 wks old. Some more benefits of the class include: 

  • Socialisation with other dogs
  • Identify any potential behavior problems at an early stage
  • To give a basic idea of how the canine mind works and the stages of development
  • To show you how training can be achieved through the daily dealings with your puppy
  • To make trips to the vet more enjoyable!

If you are having any particular problems that she hasn’t covered, Lesley will always have time for your questions during and after the lessons.

The lessons run for 4 weeks on a Wednesday at 5.20pm, and will finish around 7pm.

The lesson commences with an information session with one of our veterinarians who will cover some basis information on:

  • Nutrition
  • Parasite Control
  • Pet Insurance
  • Proactive Wellness
  • Sterilisation
  • Puppy Development

If you would like any more information, or you would like to book, please call us on 9752 1433.