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Monthly Clinic Update - November 2013   - Busselton Vet Hospital

Welcome to the November edition of our new personal practice update. I will be putting this together once a month just to keep everyone in the loop on what is happening in the practice. We already have a quarterly newsletter but a lot changes in our practice in 3 months so this will be a little 5 minute catch up brief for you. I hope you enjoy it. If you would like it emailed to you directly each month please send me an email at bsnvet@bsnvet.net.au or follow this link. Thanks for reading. Cheers Kylie  


Feature Article - Healthy Pets 4 Life - by Dr Richard Lucas

Healthy Pets 4 Life - have you heard of our wellness program for dogs and cats? Do you know what a wellness program is?  If not then have a read and we?ll try and explain things for you.

Wellness programs are programs designed to keep your pet healthy and well. At some practices they just include vaccinations and routine worming and flea treatments. These are an important part of keeping your furry friend healthy but we believe that surely there is more that we can do.

                                                That is why we have developed our Healthy Pets 4 Life program.

Did you know that on average dogs and cats age about 7 years for every one of our years? If we see our patients just for an annual health check that is like going to the doctor once every 7 years! Lots can happen in 7 years! Read more about our fantastic Healthy Pets 4 Life program on our website or follow the HP4L link.


Interesting Case of the Month - Wrangled by Worms - by Dr Nadia Timol        


Worming treatment has become a common practice nowadays and most of our clients try their absolute best to keep up with their beloved pets? worming schedule. Thanks to all this hard work, we seldom see the serious problems that can arise from a heavy worm burden. Unfortunately stray animals are not as lucky to have caring owners looking after them. The story below highlights the importance of worming our pets:

I recently saw a stray cat which appeared relatively healthy on his physical exam but had a soft mass in its abdomen. A good samaritan had started feeding it but had soon realised something was not quite right.

He unfortunately had to be humanely euthanized, and being a very eager to learn, I asked permission to the carer to take a radiograph and perform a post-mortem on this little fellow, in the hope that it would cast a light on what was going on?.. Could it be food? Or a tumour? Could there be another disease process causing the enlarged tummy?  The whole story is available on our website or follow this link




Staff Update

It's a Boy - It is with great joy that I am able to announce the safe arrival of Jan and Luke's baby boy, Harrison. We are all very happy to add another vet clinic baby to our family and we all wish Jan & Luke a smooth transition into parenthood. We are looking forward to meeting the little guy and having a hold. I imagine there will be a line up for cuddles with Agnes elbowing her way to the front of the queue and then not letting anyone else have a turn L



Time to say goodbye - It is with mixed emotions that we say good bye to one of our vets this month. Dr Belinda Cussons has decided to retire from the veterinary world to pursue her own business venture and to spend more time with her family. Belinda joined us in 2009 bringing a vast amount of experience and a passion for dermatology. She gave a huge effort in getting us ASAVA accredited and has assisted greatly in training our staff. She has built up a solid client base with us and I am sure you will all agree that she will be missed by our practice. I did say mixed emotions though at the start as we also wish her the best in her future endeavour and are excited for her future. Thank you Bee for your time at Busselton Vet xxx


Clinic Promotions

STILL RUNNING - Panoramis - For those of you using the new Elanco all in one flea/wormer/heartworm product ?Panoramis?, they are still running a promotion where you can claim a $10 eftpos card online with any purchase from out clinic. This offer is valid until 15th November. I have included a link to their website for those that are interested. Panoramis Promo Website  For those who need more information please give us buzz

ADVANCE FOOD - COMPLIMENTRY KONG - for the month of November we are giving away a kong with every purchase of Advance Dog Food. We will only be doing this while stocks last and there is a limit of one per family. Make sure you ask at the reception desk when buying your food.

Clinic News

For those of you that read Nightmares Story last month. I am very pleased to report that he has found a lovely home with a young lady who was here on work experience last term. He now shares a home with a dog and another cat and he is getting along wonderfully with the whole family. I am also happy to report that my household has gone back to normal too. Nightmare has been renamed Shadow and fingers crossed he has found his happy ever after. Thank you to those who read and shared his story while he was looking for a new home.

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