Busselton Vet Hospital

Diagnostics and Testing

Your pet’s health is our team’s top priority, so we take great care in diagnostics, testing, and prevention.

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Diagnostics and Testing
at Busselton Vet Hospital

Our veterinarians and veterinary staff use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to ensure your pet’s condition is accurately and confidently measured.

Pet Blood Testing and In-house Laboratory
Our hospital has a dedicated laboratory area where we perform blood testing and investigate a variety of samples.

The main reasons why we run blood tests are sickness, wellness screens, pre-anaesthetic screens, geriatric screens and to monitor chronic conditions.

Our in-house laboratory facilities allow us to run tests for: hematology, biochemistry, electrolytes, hormonal assays, urinalysis, and parasites. We also utilise commercial veterinary laboratories for specialised diagnostics and consultations.

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Pet Radiology Services
Our on-site, Digital X-ray equipment provides high-quality radiographs to aid in the quick diagnosis of many disorders.
Pet Electrocardiography Services
We provide Electrocardiography (ECG)services on-site. Recording and interpreting a patient’s ECG gives us invaluable information about the size and electrical activity in their heart, leading to treatment with the appropriate medications.

An ECG is the only way to define an arrhythmia of the heart. Follow-up ECGs allow us to monitor the heart’s response to therapy and confirm that medication levels are appropriate.

Pet Ultrasound

As part of our desire and commitment to offering our patients the highest level of veterinary care, Busselton Vet obtained a high-level ultrasound machine at the start of 2021. We are now pleased to offer ultrasonography as part of the medical and emergency treatment of your pets.

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