Busselton Vet Hospital

Recycling Hub

At Busselton Vet Hospital we want to join forces with our community to reduce our impact on the earth. That’s why we have created our community recycling hub.

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Community Recycling Hub

When we started on our sustainability journey early in 2021, it was important for us to find as many recycling solutions for the items we used in our business as possible. It started with trying to find a way to recycle the coffee pods our team used to refuel during busy days looking after our patients and has developed into our business, becoming a Terracycle Community Collection Hub.

Since starting with coffee pods, our sustainability/recycling hub has grown immensely and will continue to do so as we look to recycle the other items in our business and our homes that we can’t avoid purchasing. We have managed to discover many recycling streams by partnering with our medical waste provider Suez and our community recycling partner Terracycle.

Busselton Vet is proud to contribute to our local Busselton Community by offering the following recycling programs for everyone to use.

What can you recycle with Busselton Vet?

Royal Canin Recycling Program
The pet food bag recycling program is sponsored by Royal Canin. You can drop off any brand of food bag or pouch to us; simply place it in the box in our reception area.
*Please make sure it is clean
(Just so you know, some brands of pet food packaging can also be recycled through the Redcycle program, which is available for all of your household scrunchable plastics at Coles or Woolworths, check the packaging for the Redcycle icon.)

L’OR, Moccona, & Illy Capsules Recycling Program

We are happy to collect LOR, Moccona, and Illy coffee pods on our community’s behalf. We will send them to Terracycle to be recycled. You can drop your dry pods into the box in reception or if you have a larger quantity give them to our wonderful receptionist. If you are collecting large quantities in your business or community organisation you can always sign up for free with Terracycle and send your pods back yourself for no cost to you (save you the trip to see us). Terracycle covers the postage, and you also collect points that can be converted to cash to donate to your favourite Not for Profit Organisation.

Colgate Oral Care Program
Your pet having a healthy mouth is very important to us. In fact most days we are very busy cleaning and polishing our furpatients teeth. It’s also very important that we look after our own teeth. Our little Busselton Vet family has a lot of human teeth to clean, and that means a lot of worn-out toothbrushes and empty toothpaste tubes. Luckily Colgate sponsors a recycling program for dental care items with Terracycle, and we have signed up not only for our team but also for our community.

Please feel free to drop in your old toothbrushes, empty toothpaste tubes, and empty dental floss containers.

Gilette Razor Recycling Program

The latest addition to our community recycling hub is the Gillette Razor Recycling Program. As a busy, small, family-orientated business with about 15 team members with partners and growing kids, we thought it would be good to sign up for this program so we can all contribute together. Creating a central hub for our team seemed like the easiest way to get the recycling job done, and we are happy to extend this to our community. Please feel free to drop in any of the accepted items in the picture.

Blister Packs

At Busselton Vet, we feel that our business should try to find waste reduction options to offer our clients for the items they purchase from us. One of the items we can’t avoid using that was particularly difficult to find a recycling program for are the blister packs that our pharmacy contains. The challenge with recycling blister packs is that they often contain two or more different materials, usually plastic and aluminium. We are committed to our sustainability goals, so we have purchased a zero waste box that will accept blister packs. Our clients can return the blister packs we dispense to them at no charge for recycling. We are currently offering blister pack recycling to the community on a trial basis. If you would like to recycle your personal blister packs with us there is a fee charged for this service as we need to purchase a Zero Waste box from Terracycle at the cost of $363. The fee is based on the volume of blister packs ie a handful is gold coin a shoe box is $20. The fee is determined by our reception team.