Ever wondered where you can get your dog or cats teeth cleaned in Busselton?
Or perhaps you didn’t realise that your pet had dental disease?
If that is the case don’t be alarmed there is lot’s we can do to help you at Busselton Vet Hospital.
We love looking after your pets teeth and want to see your pet have a healthy mouth for their entire life.

Most pet owners don’t realise that their pet has some form of dental disease. It’s ok most animals do. This can vary from a little bit of plaque or tartar to broken teeth or teeth that are completely rotten . You may have noticed that your pet has bad breath or is having trouble eating their food. We can help with these problems. Your pet needs these things taken care of before they start to cause other problems with their health.

Whether we show you how to brush your pets teeth, recommend a new diet to help keep the furry stuff away or do a procedure to scale and polish your pets teeth to get them back to sparkling white, there is an option to suit any pet and their owner.

We have recently obtained a dental xray machine which completes our vast array of quality dental equipment and as part of a surgical dental procedure can offer you a complete dental exam which can reveal little nasty’s hiding under the gum line which we can’t see with our eyes. We can deal with any hidden problems swiftly and efficiently while your pet is under anaesthetic.

If you haven’t had your pets teeth checked in the last 6 months or you know that your pet has a problem with their teeth that you would like us to look at please give us a call and book in for a FREE DENTAL CHECK  so that we can assess your pet’s mouth and give you a plan for ongoing dental health. Our staff are all highly trained in all things dental and eager to help you keeping your pet a healthly pet 4 life.

Below is a short video of a training session we did recently on Frankie (our clinic dog). We performed a routine scale and polish on him, if you would like to see our team at work feel free to check in out. I have also added some pictures of before and after a dental procedure and a couple dental xrays for you.

The picture above marked left shows a pocket of infection under the gum line which we couldn’t see and couldn’t find with the dental probe.
The picture above marked right shows a healthy gum line – you can see the healthy tooth roots below the gum line which in the grey area

This is one of our favourite patients Brandy, she loves veggie ears and that is what she got after coming in to get her teeth cleaned. You can see on the left the yellow on the top of her teeth which is tartar and then on the right she is back to pearly whites. She was such a good girl when she was visiting us for the day, and also when she came back 7 days later for her complimentary post operative check up. Thanks Brandy for being a great model.