Clinic Update – September 2018   – Busselton Vet Hospital


Staff Update

Introducing Deidre!!

Last month we were lucky enough to add a new qualified veterinary nurse to our team.  Deidre has lived in the area for 5 years after moving from Melbourne with her family.
You probably haven’t had a chance to meet Deidre yet as she has been in the treatment room learning all about our surgery procedures. We will have her trained up to take on her role as a consulting nurse very soon, as you can imagine there is a fair bit to learn when starting in a new practice. We are very happy with the way Deidre has fitted in with our family and look forward to getting to know her better.

Unfortunately the spot for Deidre became available because Avery decided to head  to Melbourne with her partner for him to pursue his studies. It was wonderful getting to know Avery and we have many memories of her time here, especially from our team weekend  paddling canoes down the Blackwood River. Best wishes for the future to Avery.

Exciting New Stuff

It has been a real struggle choosing only one new thing to talk to you about this issue, in the last few months we have launched our updated Healthy Pets 4 Life Care Plans,  I am just putting the finishing touches on our new Online Booking Platform which went live last week, we are revamping our Website (which will be launched next month) AND we are adding a Home Visit Service to make it even easier for you to ensure your pets routine care stays up to date. I can’t choose a favourite so I will introduce them in the order they happened. I will cover them all over the next few issues so stay tuned

Healthy Pets 4 Life Care Plans

On the 1st of July we launched our updated HP4L Care Plans. It was way back in 2010 when we created our Healthy Pets 4 Life program which focuses on routine preventative care for your pets. Originally the packages were offered in 4 levels based on the age of your pet, we have now tweaked the packages to be based around 3 levels of cover – Essential, Complete and Ultimate. Each of the packages offer you inclusions or discounts on vaccinations, consultations, lab testing (blood & urine), nail trims, dental checks/cleaning, parasite control and more. The other thing that we have managed to do is arrange through Vetpay for you to pay your subscription monthly (if you prefer to spread the payments over the year). The Essential package starts at $29.95 pm or $360 for the year. The packages represent excellent value and ensures all your pets routine wellness needs are taken care of, they also work really well with your insurance plan as often these items aren’t covered by your insurance. Give us a call and have a chat about which plan would best suit you and your pet on 9752 1433


Feature Article/Video

Quite often on our Facebook Page  we share interesting videos we have recorded or articles about things that have happened in the clinic, so I thought that I would make this a regular feature of our newsletter so that you could all see them. Many of these are available on our YouTube channel and will be on our new website.

Super Lucky Snow
Dr Nigel has done a few videos for us during his time here and they have proven to be quite popular, this was the first one that he did for us. It highlights the danger of things getting stuck in your dogs throat which can have a very bad outcome, luckily Snow got here in time for us to save him and he is 100% now.

Wrap Up

That has covered a few things that have been happening in the clinic, as much as I would love to go into all the details from our online booking, website and home visits aswell I understand that you have limited time for the hundreds of emails that land in your inbox each month so will keep it short and wait to share it with you in the next issue. Remember if you need any information in the meantime about these new things that are happening just give us a call.Thankyou all for reading