Busselton Vet TV: Pet Information

Busselton Vet TV

The team at Busselton Vet Hospital has put together a variety of pet information videos to help you learn more about your pets.

yellow paws

Videos, just for you.

We’ve created a series of videos for you to learn more about your pets and our practice.

Kasey our Christmas miracle
Dr Richard talks about Rocky's wonky legs
Dr Richards fabulous Cat Run
Dr Richard talks us through the toughest decision you have to make
Snow and his Kong
Don't throw sticks try Woody instead
Hazel laying her eggs
How to inject insulin - by Chelsea the headless nurse
12 Meet Maggie all healed
11 Meet Maggie 6 weeks post op
10 Meet Maggie 2 weeks post op What a champion
09 Meet Maggie walking and harness
08 Meet Maggie What a difference a day makes
07 Meet Maggie sharing the chicken
06 Meet Maggie back inside
05 Meet Maggie standing
04 Meet Maggie next morning
03 Meet Maggie Time for Bed
02 Meet Maggie in Recovery
01 Meet Maggie Pre op