Busselton Vet TV: Procedures

Busselton Vet TV

The team at Busselton Vet Hospital has put together a variety of videos to help you learn more about pet procedures.

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Videos, just for you.

We’ve created a series of videos for you to learn more about pet procedures.
Dr Richard talks about eyes and glaucoma
Dr Richard explains how he plated little Honeys broken leg
Dr Richard shows us a simple fracture repair
Dr Richard repairs Bond's Harelip
Dr Richard show us Grass Seed Abscess Surgery
Dr Richard explains the surgery to correct a Luxating Patella
Dr Nigel Gifford - removing a damaged tooth
Penn hip xray leading to a JPS surgery - part 1
Penn hip xrays and JPS surgery all done - Part 2
Graphic Live Possum surgery
Lucky's Lipoma lost
Lucky's lost lipoma look
Lucky's Lipoma's last day
Graphic Surgical specimens
Tribble's terrible teeth trouble
Tribble's terrible teeth trouble treated
Mingi's missing mass
Mingi - always get lumps checked
Graphic live surgery Exploratory laparotomy
Broken legs and BIG lumps too
Broken Leg Fixed or at least fixated
Don't throw sticks