Busselton Vet Hospital

Grooming at Busselton Vet

Learn more about our pet grooming services below!

At Busselton Vet we currently don’t have a clipping service however we are still able to do bathing and nail clipping.

You can drop your pet off in the morning and then pick him/her up after lunch.

We can also offer you the added advantage of doing any routine parasite control while they are here or giving them their vaccinations if they are due. We will also do a free dental check as part of the service.

A grooming appointment at Busselton Vet covers:

  • bath, blow-dry, and brush
  • nail clip
  • dental check
  • anal glands (if requested)
  • a day at the hospital
  • lot’s of cuddles from our nurses
  • complimentry treats

We look forward to seeing your pet soon for a trip to the day spa. Please call us on (08) 9752-1433 for an appointment or email at [email protected]