Busselton Vet Hospital

Home Visit Services

Busselton Veterinary Hospital is extremely happy to provide a home visit service for our clients.

we can come to you


Busselton Veterinary Hospital is extremely happy to provide a home visit service for our clients. Our team knows how difficult it can be to get in to see us and in keeping with our hospital’s focus of making vet visits easy for you we can come to you.

Reasons for a home visit
  • Do you or your pet find it stressful to come and visit us?
  • Is it hard with your family life and kids to get in with your pets to see us?
  • Do you have multiple pets and find it hard to get everyone in the car at once?
  • Are you without transport and have to organise a lift in?
  • Do you work from home and would you find it easy for us to just pop in?
How does it work?

One of our doctors and qualified nurses will come out to your home. They will bring everything they will need for your appointment. It is very important to us that we provide you with the same service that you would receive in our hospital so we follow the same procedure. Our nurse will have some questions for you regarding routine care, then the vet will perform the examination and discuss everything with you and answer all of your questions. We will have access to your pet’s medical history with our remote computer set up so we can make sure we have all your information and cover everything you need. We can also dispense any medications you may need and collect urine and blood samples to process back at the clinic.

Things we can do at home

We can come and do routine, non-urgent appointments for you. The following are some examples of consultations we can do at home.

  • Annual Check Up & Vaccinations
  • Health Examination (ie. if your pet has sore ears, skin issues or lameness)
  • Senior Pet Checks
  • Zydax Injections
  • Puppy Vaccinations
  • Kitten Vaccination
  • plus more, just ask when you call us
How much does it cost?

A home visit consultation is $105 and that replaces the standard in-clinic consultation. As long as you are in the Busselton area then no travel fees will apply.

If you are one of our  Healthy Pets 4 Life members then you can still use our home visit service there will just be a $20 home visit charge.

Our team is really excited to be able to expand on your Busselton Vet experience by coming to visit you at home and looking forward to making visits less stressful for your pets.