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Dog and Cat Microchipping

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Dog and Cat Microchipping Information

We have had a lot of enquiries lately at our Vet Hospital in Busselton regarding microchipping for dogs & cats. This has been brought on by the implementation of the governments’ amendments to both the Dog Act and the Cat Act in the past 12 months. It is now law that all dogs and cats in Busselton need to have a microchip implanted. There are some guidelines regarding this but every pet will now need to be chipped before they are registered or their registration is renewed at the City of Busselton.

Some questions you might ask:

What is a microchip?
A microchip is a small implant the size of a grain of rice that is injected under your pets skin. This implant can be read by a special hand held scanner to reveal a unique number for that microchip. This number is then registered on an Australia wide database.
Why should I microchip my pet?

A microchip is a life-long identification and can only be surgically removed. It is invaluable in reuniting you with your lost pet but also can be used to clear up any ownership disagreements regarding the identity of your pet. Microchipping is often used by breeders to identify their pedigree litters of puppies.

It is now law that your pet is microchipped and fines can apply from the local government.

When Busselton Vet implant the microchip, we also get you to fill out a form with your contact information and an alternative contact person. This information is submitted to the Australasian Animal Registry (AAR) with your pets microchip number to be put on their database. BEWARE not all vet practices and breeder register their microchip on a database so don’t assume yours is registered unless you have checked.

Why should I give AAR my details?

If your pet is ever lost, registered implanters and scanning centres like our Vet Hospital are able to scan your pet for a microchip. If one is found we can then contact AAR to retrieve your information and reunite you with your pet. This can potentially be life saving if your pet has strayed and been brought to us in an emergency situation. An unregistered chip is no help in a lost dog situation.

Can anyone access my information?
No, we are given a password to access the database so even if someone got your pets chip number they can’t get your details. They would also need to have a microchip scanner which are quite expensive to buy.
Isn’t a microchip the same as the tattoo in my pets ear?
Sorry, the answer to this one is no. Many clients ask us this question. The tattoo is done when we sterilise animals they aren’t for identification and can’t be tracked, it is the same tattoo for all animals.
What age can I get it done?
A microchip can be done at any age, our recommendation is at your pets 10-12 week vaccination.
Will it hurt?
Some animals will experience discomfort with any injection. Microchipping now needs to be done in Busselton by 3 months of age and most animals will be comfortable with a microchip being implanted then. It can be done from birth and many breeders will microchip early to identify puppies.
Can the chip fall out?

Microchips sometimes move around the body and we have found a few in elbows and back legs which is why we always run the scanner over the whole body when checking. Very very rarely do they migrate out of the skin all together and fall out.

What happens if I rehome my pet?
Easy, there is a form on the AAR website that you can fill out with the new owners to transfer the ownership and update the details to the new owner.



Having your pet microchipped is an invaluable investment in your pets well being. It is vital however that you keep the details on the database current. It is heartbreaking for our team when we have stray/lost animals that can’t be reunited with their owners because they have moved or changed their phone number and not told the database


Our team at Busselton Vet are always ready to see you and your pet so if you would like us to implant your pet with a microchip (cost is $50) please give us a call 08 9752 1433 or email [email protected] for more information or an appointment it only takes 10 minutes.


Please come in at any time and our reception team will check your pets’ chip to make sure everything is ok, we will also use our superpowers to check your details on the database to make sure they are correct. There is no charge for this checking your details service and it only takes 5 minutes. You can pop in when you are out for your walk next.